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Elite Japanese Language School

About Elite Japanese Language School

Elite Japanese Language School is the best choice for the students who comes to Japan for their dreams.

We provide the best learning environment to make your dreams come true.
We aim to develop cultural understandings, to help you learn the importance of meeting people, and to help you grow in many ways.
“Dreams, Excellence, Fulfillment” is our school motto.
We support you with this motto.

The feature and charm of our school

  • Great location
  • Very convenient commute
  • Experienced teachers
  • Clear and efficient goal-setting instruction
  • Opportunities for scholarship programs
  • Comfortable student dormitory

Long-term Course Information

Admission Procedure

  1. Step1 Application Submission
  2. Step2 Examination of application by the Elite Japanese Language School
  3. Step3 Examination of application by the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau
  4. Step4 Results notification
  5. Step5 Tuition payment
  6. Step6 Shipping Certificate of Eligibility & Certificate of Admission
  7. Step7 Visa issue in Japanese Embassy in your country
  8. Step8 Entrance procedure to Elite Japanese Language School
Months of Admission Learning period Application Period
1 1 Year and 3 months Early July-End of August of previous year
4 2 Year Early September-End of October
7 1 Year and 9 months Early January-End of February
10 1 Year and 6 months Early March-End of April

Requirements for Admission 

Completing 12 years of formal school education on own country, or having accepted the equivalent education.

Materials Required Application

  1. Application for admission
  2. Personal records
  3. Diploma from highest educational institution (original copy)
  4. Transcript from highest educational institution
  5. Japanese learning certificate
  6. 8 Photos (3×4cm, must be taken within 3 months)
  7. Copy of Passport
  8. Statement for sponsor of financial support
  9. Proof of relationship of the sponsor and the applicant
  10. Bank Deposit Balance Certificate
  11. Certificate of employment & Tax Payment Certificate (sponsor)

School Fees

Long-term course

Selection Fee Admission Fee Tuition(1Year) Other Total
20,000YEN 50,000YEN 600,000YEN 56,000YEN 726,000YEN+Tax

Short-term course

Every 3 month → 180,000YEN

Access Map

JR Yamanote Line Shinokubo Station/3 min on foot

JR Sobu Line Okubo Station/5 min on foot

  • Address : 1-8-10,hyakunin-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,169-0073,Japan
  • TEL : 03-3232-0550
  • FAX : 03-3204-7546
  • E-MAIL : info@eliteschooljapan.com

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